Adrift and in Stillness

What began as a childhood fascination with the painted flowers on my grandmother’s china has become a lifelong love of botanical imagery.  Early on I was drawn to Karl Blossfeldt’s illustrations and Imogene Cunningham’s flower images. For a brief moment I even considered a career in botany. It is no surprise that I have made plant life both my subject and my teacher. 

Most of the botanical elements in my images come from my garden or nearby trails. Whether a simple twig or a lush new bloom, there is a rich complexity that pushes me towards a deeper understanding of form, light, color and design. When my botanical ephemera are adrift in flowing water I seek their stillness and in the windless peace of my studio, I find my stilllifes dancing with quiet grace. 

 There are seven collections in Adrift and In Stillness. Click on an image or title to see the full collection.