Artist Statement

Adrift and in Stillness

What began as a childhood fascination with the painted flowers on my grandmother’s china has become a lifelong love of botanical imagery.  Early on I was drawn to Karl Blossfeldt’s illustrations and Imogene Cunningham’s flower images. For a brief moment I even considered a career in botany. It is no surprise that I have made plant life both my subject and my teacher. 

With Adrift I have created when seems like a contradiction – still lifes in moving water.  Using plant ephemera from my garden I design carefully layered tableaux that I secure in the ripples and small rapids of woodland streams.  Once in the water my botanic elements shift in and out of focus, and the lines, textures and patterns dance with dramatic flashes of brilliant color.  While the visual field is fast and fleeting I must move with an inner stillness to capture the momentary and lyrical imagery unfolding in front of me.

In Stillness my compositions are no longer buffeted about by wind and water. Instead of being at the mercy of ever-changing cloud cover and tree shadows, the light is literally in my hands. I sculpt light into my scene, capturing different directions and quality of light with each exposure. These digital negatives are then carefully combined, layer-by-layer. Using a graphics pen to reveal detail and build depth with painterly precision I try to honor the long tradition of botanical art that started me on this journey.