Worlds Within Worlds

San Miguel attracts all kinds of artists, new age thinkers and practitioners of various forms of Eastern philosophies.  There are circus groups and indigenous dancers.  And even a belly dancing fusion festival, complete with films.

Last night I learned the proper Middle Eastern etiquette for showing approval of dancers gyrations - one doesn’t show one’s clacking tongue.  Well known belly dancers from Mexico City joined local students in a performance that showcased the talents of 20 somethings - 60 somethings….  Most of the audience was post boomers- many of them students of the incredible teacher here in San Miguel. 

Oh yes and that fusion part-  they did a belly dance to the music of French hip hop…

Friday night there will be a performance by the “Boys of Bellydancing” - gifted male belly dancers from all over Mexico. 

Just another day in San Miguel…..