Our first night in Savannah we walked by Kobo Gallery and I knew that I had to visit when it was open.  There was a piece in the window that I had to see up-close.  It was a sculpture that I thought was ceramic, but couldn’t imagine how it could have been fired.  The next day I discovered that it was made from wood and, better yet, the artist who made it was in the gallery.  Dicky Stone has started learning about wood from his grandfather and now makes these gorgeous pieces that are hard to describe.  Please click on the image below to look for yourself at his work.

Dick is a gracious and charming man who left college with a degree in English literature. We stood around the gallery and had a far-ranging conversation about Savannah's art world and English literature. It was fun to compare classics that we reread in later life and decided that they really don't cut it.  Stone sent us off with a custom made list of spots to see in Savannah and terrific coffee shops to enjoy.  And so we spent our day wandering through the city’s gracious squares – stopping to look at art, but there was no art-making on my part.  Just fun iphone snaps of yet another lock shop and the most well-used space I have seen in a used bookshop.

Bradley Sidewalk keys_5402.jpg
If only our wits and hearts could be fixed.....

If only our wits and hearts could be fixed.....

Book Stairway_6.jpg