Change of Scene - Industrial Riverfront

The early morning October light is something I try not to miss.  Most mornings I head for places of quiet refuge where the scene is painted by Mother Nature and the chorus is one of birds and bugs.  The other day I decided it was time for a change of pace - and made the industrial riverfront of the Acushnet River my destination.  This river forms New Bedford harbor and man has had a heavy hand here.  The shoreline is ringed for miles by a stone hurricane dike and the riverbed suffers from industrial pollutants dumped from brick mills in the days before the Clean Water Act.  A more gentle hand is at play these days: old mills are becoming artist spaces and condos, the riverbed is being cleaned up and riverfront parks and harbor walkways are coming to life.  But much remains to be done.

Mother Nature enroaching on man's design

PreDawn dredging_1380-Edit.jpg