BlueFish 2016 - The Blues Papers....

This winter, wandering through an Artisan's Fair, I found a piece of blue bookbinding paper that stopped me in my tracks.  While other people probably saw journal covers, I saw fish. I bought the small piece of paper with no idea where it would lead, but soon I was hunting down other lovely handmade papers.  My husband, used to my eccentric ways, didn't bat an eye when I started stringing clothesline along the skylight so I could study how light streaming through multiple layers of handmade papers would affect their colors and textures. These are some snippets of what ultimately became my digital collage, the Blue Papers. It will be on display at: 

  • DeDee Shattuck Gallery Opening on July 9th, 5-7 pm  
  • Village Merchant on Elm Street in Padanaram from July 22 - August 5, and in 
  • My studio during the Art Drive, August 6 & 7 from 10-5 pm.

For more information on the other 35 fish in this year's Art Drive school of BlueFish click here

Blue Fish Digital DNA

Swimming in front of the studio.

Swimming in front of the studio.