Dartmouth Diebenkorn

A new landing for boats is under construction on the northside of the harbor here in town.  A rusty collection of steel plates have created a cofferdam-a dry area for construction of the dock supports.   The industrial feel is a bit jarring in the bucolic landscape of river and marsh.

Cofferdam before the sun hits.

Cofferdam before the sun hits.

But when the early morning light bounces of the plates into dead calm water the rusty reflections create an abstract art show that reminds me of Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series.

Dartmouth Diebenkorn 1

Dartmouth Diebenkorn 1

Calligraphic Reflections

Destruction Brook, Dartmouth, Mass

It was a cloudy morning as I stood throwing pebbles in the Destruction Brook, studying how ripples change shape when they encounter an object in their path.  The graceful circles came floating back as near perfect trapezoids on an arching orbit.  The sun's brief appearance created this rich cerulean background for the branch's reflections that suggest the strokes of a master calligrapher. 

 This image will be in the Rare Earth exhibit at the Darkroom Gallery from January 10-February 4, 2013.

Workshop Wonder

Learning is a process of ups and downs that is littered with plateaus.

Three days of chasing the light on Cape Cod beaches and tidal flats has pushed me off of a plateau to a new way of seeing.  Before attending Ron Wilson’s Landscape photography workshop, I was being driven nuts by a picture that I knew was sitting in the empty lot at the top of my street, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work in the two dimensions of the photo.  Now I know the answer….  and so much more. 

It will take practice to put into use what I learned, but how wonderful to have this new visual language.  If only all of my education had been this satisfying….

Nauset Beach an hour before sunrise


Zig zagging in the tidal marsh



Copper glinting tidal swirls