On the Sunday before Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the Jardin, becomes a world of colorful flowers and confetti eggs... Vendors surround the town's central plaza with bags of cascaras for children and adults, to smash on one another's heads.  And there is a feast of lovely paper  flowers, planted in the gardens...and if you shop early you can bring some home with you.




Carnaval Egg Bonking from Deborah Ehrens on Vimeo.


And the morning after:


Carnaval came to San Miguel this weekend. The holiday merrymaking before Lent begins is celebrated with gorgeous paper flowers and thousands of confetti filled eggs. Children of all ages run through the Jardin breaking them on each other’s heads, as well as on gringo photographers… The squeals of laughter are punctuated with the sounds of tango music as the old timers dance all around the gazebo.