Cherry & Webb Beach

Portuguese Men of War

The high winds that have brought Alberta floods and lots of rain here off the coast, have also blown Portuguese Men of War ashore.  Yesterday I found three of them at Cherry & Webb beach.  To have them here so early in the summer is yet another sign of climate change. They are miserable to come in contact with, but they sure make for interesting looking beach blobs....

Home Again

The sound of seagulls tells me I am home again.  The feel of salt air carried on Atlantic breezes makes my face sing and my curls "sprungle" again.  This late winter palette of ocean blue and deeply etched gray also holds  the bleached golden color of overwintered grasses and just the faintest hint of the purples and greens waiting just below the surface.   In this northern latitude the promise of a long dawn and lingering dusk feels like a tease as the clouds roll in.  But when the sky clears the magic of the long low arcing light makes me smile.