Teatro Juarez

This ornate theater was almost 100 years in its construction.  The steps and portico serve as a community

gathering space and impromtu performance space for jugglers, singers, and musicians.

If you look carefully you will that one of the statues on top representing the arts looks very much like

our Statue of Liberty. 

Here is the traditional view:

Teatro Classic View

And the artsy fartsy view:

Teatro Looking Up

Travelling to Guanjuato

Buses with big comfy seats, HD TV and Movies, internet and free snacks.  Oh did I mention the clean antimassacars placed on each seat before each trip.  This is the way to travel, for a little more than half of what the same distance would cost at home, on a much less classy ride.

Took a break from watching The Darkest Hour - a stupid guy movie about aliens in Moscow.  Not a great story, but the dialogue was so simple I could understand most of it in Spanish.. And when the bang bang
shoot em up got too boring, there were high desert scenes like this

Carved deep out of a mountain valley, one enters and leaves the city by tunnels.

The Truth Will Set You Free

The University of Guanajuato now serves over 30,000 students in several campuses across the state.  But the original campus here in Guanajuato started as a Jesuit school.  According to our guide, the intention was to create a school that would be a hive of learning, which is reflected in the architecture and the bumblebees on the seal.  The latin inscription means: the truth will set you free.  There is an irreverant ditty in there somewhere. Perhaps I will figure it out before the Pope visits here in March 2012.


Scenes From Hildago Market in Guanajuato


Here in San Miguel it is not unusual to see a woman in brightly colored  indigenous dress hawking hand made dolls, while talking on her cell phone.  In the Hidalgo Market in Guanajuato, I found this somewhat less discordant, but equally interesting  contrast-traditional hand made bags and baskets in a stall with a vendor more interested in his cyber electric guitar lessons than selling.