Jardin Soundscape


The Jardin is the center of life in San Miguel.  The Gazebo in the center is where Christmas creches and statues of Ingacio de Allende have their moment, and when it has passed young break dancers and older tango enthusiasts take the stage.  Food carts line one and sometimes two sides along with the men selling balloons, balls and other treats young children love.  The benches are filled with an ever changing cast of characters exchanging news, gossip or just enjoying the sun.

 It is a scene so rich in color and story that it not easy to tune into the soundscape of this lively environment. But every now and then, I will take a seat in the shade and try. To free my ears to really listen and absorb the soundscape rhythms, my eyes can never leave the ipod solitaire game.


To find my radio ears
my eyes must go on lockdown.
Confined to shifting patterns of
red and black
spades and hearts.

Looking like an aloof gringa
lost in my apple land,
the soundscape begins-

Guitar strumming fades
to the rise and fall of the newspaper seller's call.
Sweet humming of the Mariachi man lost in thought
unaware he his making music.

Staccato jack hammering fill the air,
then gives way to trumpet scales that resonate
with the laughter and conversation snippets in
Jardin idiomas: Spanish, English & Otomi.

Deflating balloon swan song
follows the squeaking cart wheels.
The "oye oye oye" cry of the toy seller
takes the next measure.

And on and on it goes
allegro, adagio scherzo coda.....


The Jardin Gazebo

The gazebo in the Jardin is seldom empty.  The creche from Christmas was replaced by a statue of Ignacio Allende, but now that his birthday has passed, the statue has gone to where ever it lives the other 50 weeks a year, and the youthful breakdancer of San Miguel have made it their stage.


 I think we saw this guy hurt his wrist the night before, but it obviously has no deterrent value.