West Texas to Santa Fe

Driving through West Texas is a journey through a forlorn landscape of energy fields - oil, natural gas and fracking.  Pecos, Texas, one of the few outposts of civilization for the energy workers, appears to have more pick-up trucks per capita than anywhere else in the world.  One of thing about these guys and their trucks - they are the ones you want to follow to lunch.  They led us to the best brisket sandwiches ever in a little BBQ joint in Pecos.

It was interesting that when we crossed the border from Texas into Mexico the land changed-not dramatically, but reminiscent of the difference you feel when you cross the Connecticut River from New Hampshire into Vermont.  Still wide open high brush country with dramatic skies - but somehow a little less forlorn, more tinges of green and yellow in the palette.

NMx Sky2_.jpg

In all of stops along the way, the only place where it took us three tries to get a motel room was Roswell, New Mexico.  We happened to be into town when there was a big demonstration of new Boeing planes going on, along with a conference. 


Despite its reputation for UFO's, which they capitalize on, the city has two wonderful museums.  The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art and the Roswell Museum & Art Center.  The latter houses the workshop of Robert Goddard, the father of American rocketry.  Goddard fired off his first rockets at Worcester Polytech while he was still a physics student, but he moved to Roswell in the 1930's for the wide open space.  The residents of Worcester were grateful.  The museum also houses a lovely art collection.

Fraulein Bosch had a sluggish morning in Roswell.  We wondered if she had been communing with extraterrestrial GPS units or perhaps was just a bit hungover. Happily she recovered once we left Roswell and got us here to Santa Fe.  With its many one way streets, her services are still needed, but Fraulein Bosch's pronunciation of the many Spanish names is a terrible assault on the language.  Even my gringa ears cringe at her interpretations of:

Buena Vista- BOOON a VeesTAH
Camino Lejp - CammiNO Lee Joe

Our first week here was one of atypical grey and cold, but the sun has returned.  At dusk our adobe-lined street has a silver glow from the naked trees that turn from a dull brown to a silvery glow in those magic moments.  The fast moving grey clouds heighten the drama.

Naked tree are lit with a silver glow at sunset

Naked tree are lit with a silver glow at sunset