Prince Edward Island

Timeless Zigzag

From the back yard of our house we can watch and hear the cows in the field next door. As the fast moving clouds and brisk wind added drama to this peaceful view of zigzagging lines, I tried to capture the feel in between the raindrops. When I looked at my images on the computer I found muted tones of blue, greys and golden wheat pleasing, but I think this sepia version captures the timeless feel of the scene. 

Mixed Messages

Driving across the bridge from Souris to West Souris are a series of signs that gave me pause. 


"Provincial Police? I want to report a drunk driver on Route 2." 

"Hellloooo, ish thish the Provincial Po-lice? (hic!) I wanna report (hic!) a guy ushing a cell phone."

Rainy Day Spuds

It is a gray and rainy day in PEI.  The project of photographing the wonderfully colored metallic roofs in PEI won't be happening today.  I left the rain cover for my camera at home....So what is a girl to do?  There is reading, a binge of couch potato Netflix watching, or there are real live PEI spuds to build activities around. 


Off I went to the Coop hoping to be able to buy just 2 potatoes to make a small soup, but this was the smallest bag and it was $1.79.  Armed with an onion, a few sausages, the chard purchased at a farm stand yesterday, and the nearly dead carrots that had been left in the fridge, soup-making began in earnest.  But that didn't take very long, even with making roasted parsnips for a snack.  

After I had washed a few potatoes, the bottom of the sink looked like a silty red river bottom.  I thought of taking a photo but why use a silty sink when you can set up your tripod and do a full-blown photo shoot?. How often does the lowly spud get its picture taken?  My first adventure in food photography...May I present The Clean and the Dirty: Spuds from the Hood,