Desktop Dreaming....

For several years I have wanted to create a calendar using images that convey the quiet beauty of the South Coast.  But rather than employ a traditional design I was determined to use a panoramic format. But try as I might – I could not make it work. So I decided to let Google be in the calendar business and instead I would make a "mini art gallery" of the seasons – a little desktop gift for the imagination. Freed from the constraints of days and dates, the images invite the viewer to daydream, to find art to suit the mood of the moment – to revel in the beauty of an October sky, to feel the winter quiet of a snowy day, or the hope of a spring crocus.

The Desktop Gallery: South Coast Seasons includes 12 scenes and a unique wooden display stand made by Andrew Peppard Furniture Design.  It will be available in my studio during the Art Drive, August 8 & 9, and in my Online Store

Desktop Gallery dimensions: 9” wide, 3” deep, 4” tall.