Ferris Wheel Sunset

This photo was taken from the atop the new ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront. It was a fun ride
with a great view of both the Seattle skyline and the Olympic peninsula.  But the designersof this new waterfront attraction are taking no chances - a good idea given the typical Seattle weather - the seats
are enclosed like a gondola with both heating and air-conditioning... pretty swank.....

Storm Sky

This afternoon, I went to Fall River to visit a friend and it was a treacherous trip. The sky was filled with spectacular fast moving clouds that danced around the sun creating gorgeous shades of light and dark.  The danger was not the promise of rain, but my intent focus on the sky and not the road.  It's a good thing I was moving slowly on country roads. 

When it was time to return home, the clouds were delivering their payload with gusty winds and hail sized rain. I got drenched getting to my car and everyone on the highway was crawling through this waterfall at 35 miles an hour. While watching the road intently, my inner tv screen was seeing my hanging plants that had barely survived the recent heat wave, being beaten to a pulp.  But  I arrived back to Dartmouth to dry streets and a sky full of storm warnings. So I grabbed by camera and caught this view of the setting sun over the harbor.